Equipment - DIY
* Geodesic-Dome Observatory
* Automatic Dome Control
* Remote Focuser
* Pelicle On-Axis Guider
* Telescope

* Asteroid Periods
* Asteroid Occultations
* Exo-Planet Transits
* Eclipsing Binary Stars
* Jovian Moon Mutual Events


Solar Eclipes Tours
* Turkey; Aug 11, 1999
* Lybia; March 29, 2006

* Asteroid Periods - Methods/Tools
* Asteroid Occultation Resources
* Measure Periodic Error
* JAAVSO - Unfiltered All Sky Photometry
* Using APASS as Photometry Reference
Where is?
Elgin, Oregon

Elgin Observatory Webspace
Backyard Amateur Astromomy

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Other Important Stuff

Stenberg, Attorney General of Nebraska, et al. v. Carhart.
Supreme Court on live birth abortion

Caution to the reader: The topic and language of this decision is extremely graphic.
There has not likely been a discussion of such horrific actions in a civil court since the Nuremberg trials.

Due to the unabashed discussion of dissecting a living being,
I think the above caution is necessary.
Those with weak stomachs or tender sensitivities must be aware that within the
legal discussion, there is a very lengthy and detailed description of just what is going on.