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body length....20"

body length.....20"

body length....18 1/2"

body length...18"

lower bout.....16"

lower bout.....14 3/4

lower bout.....14"

lower bout....12"

waist..............10 1/4"

waist..............8 1/2"



Standard features: Scalloped bracing, bone nut and saddle, wood bridge pins, wood binding, wood pickguards, highly arched backs, quality tuners and a high quality hand-rubbed violin varnish.

I saw the woods I use from cants or bolts, air dry them and grade them instrument or master grade.

Back and sides woods: Walnut, Hawaiian Koa, Bigleaf Maple

Top woods: Sitka Spruce, Englemannn Spruce, Cedar

Necks: Honduras Mahogany and Hardrock Maple -- The necks that I build are vertical grain Mahogany with a 1/4" insert of Maple. A channel is cut into the Maple to receive an adjustable truss rod. The Auditorium, Concert and Studio guitars are available in either 12 or 14 fret necks. The New York guitar is only available in a 12 fret neck.

Fingerboards and bridges: Ebony

Binding woods: Maple and Ebony -- Many variations of binding and purfling are available, using differing thicknesses of Maple and Ebony.

Pickguards are generally the same wood as used for the back and sides.

Peghead overlay is generally cut from the special wood that is used for the pickguard.

Base price for an Auditorium or Concert guitar is $2,200.

Base price for the Studio or New York guitar is $2,000.

Options: Wider string spacing, pierced rosette sound hole, multiple binding and purfling, wood binding on the finger board, cutaway body design, slotted headstock, master grade wood choices, neck profile thickness, string sizes, and some custom inlaying. Pickups can also be built in.

Click image to see larger scale view.

Jerry Nolte
Evergreen Mtn Instr
1608 Jasper
Cove, Oregon 97824


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