Jerry Nolte, Luthier

Jerry Building Guitar

My career as an instrument builder began as an outgrowth of my love for music and guitar playing, and my developing skill as a woodworker. In the early 1970's, I built my first box with strings, a mountain dulcimer. By 1980, I had built over one hundred dulcimers and had begun producing guitars and mandolins. I also learned violin family repair and in 1981 was given the position of resident repairman for the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Idaho.

In my years as a repairman I have encountered numerous problems stemming from poor design and construction techniques. The craftsmanship, design and finish of violin family instruments impressed me, and I have incorporated many of those features into my guitar building methods. The design details of my instruments come from influences of my early training in fine art at two nationally acclaimed art and design schools. I have used these experiences to help me create esthetically pleasing instruments that have the rich open sound associated with fine handmade instruments.

My goal as a luthier is to maintain high standards of playability, sound, design and craftsmanship for each one of my clients.


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