custom acoustic guitars and mandolins

Evergreen Mountain Instruments, owned and operated by luthier and repairman, Jerry Nolte, has been producing hand crafted stringed instruments since 1971.

Jerry specializes in customizing his hand-built instruments to fit individual musical preferences and playing styles at affordable prices. Guitar selections include six string, twelve string, tenor and bass. Mandolins are all 'A' style. Traditional in many design considerations, EMI guitars and mandolins have the look and feel of individually crafted instruments.

Clients participate in standard option selections such as wood, body size, string spacing, action, and decorative appointments used. Wood choices include many that are native to the Pacific Northwest. They are resawn from selected stock, air dried and graded at EMI in Cove, Oregon. Jerry's preferred finish is a hand rubbed violin varnish.

Each instrument comes with a guarantee for customer satisfaction, sound and workmanship. Custom hardshell cases are available for all instruments.

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Jerry Nolte
Evergreen Mtn Instr
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