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Raising the Fabulous Family horse for work and play!

Looking for a family horse? We have been breeding Norwegian Fjord horses at Shota Fjord Horses since 1994 specifically with the ideal gentle family horse in mind. If you are looking for something special for your family, we deliver with honesty, integrity and love. Our horses are gentle, calm, cheerful, willing, respectful, sound, beautiful, and athletic. Shota Fjords horses also have the best of the Norwegian Fjord blood lines from North America and Norway to produce a correct big moving horse with class and style. By the time our foals leave our farm they know how to clip, load, tie, lead and are used to disturbances such as dogs, deer, tractors, trucks and waving flags. They have also all worn a saddle pad and been introduced to driving shafts. Whether you are an older rider looking for a dependable trail or driving horse, a small farmer dreaming of that special team, a middle aged rider searching for an unflappable performance horse, or a youngster pining for your best equine pal, Shota's Family Fjord horses deliver what we promise. We are a small operation only breeding for two or three foals a year so that each one gets the benefit of Natural Horsemanship and Imprint training. So if you are looking for a horse the whole family can enjoy, please contact us so we can help you select the ideal family horse for you!


to Alicia Galliani on her purchase of
Shota's Sunne

to Cindy Bickman on her purchase of OFI Emil.
(schooling under Betsy Steiner)

to Solveig and Dan Watanabe for their purchase of
OFI Shota Oleana

to Evy on her new life at
Olivia Farms

to Lauren Frentriss
and Shota's Munin
for  the Versatility Award at the 2012 Libby International Fjord Show




Misha & Michael Chocholak

Email at mishamez@eoni.com

Phone at 541-568-4526

Located in
Cove, Oregon 97824, USA

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Contact the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry

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For Aunt Tommy

All the way from the halls of Valhalla
My ice horse comes
Mjollner hammers striking stone on Blue Mountains
Odin’s steed
My dun drum ka dun ka dun
his bridle bells dzang dzang
ribonned tail chymyr chymyr
Ravens wing his shoulders
Horses of my skandiancestors
white haired hearts of Bjorn and Jerv
Following a lefsa trail
Now straining tugs
driving the blade deep into
Grande Ronde soil
My hrimfaxi of the crescent moon
icicles dripping from his honeyed hide
Yggdrasil is his tie post
My dun drum ka dun ka dun
bridle bells dzang dzang
his ribboned tail chymyr chymyr
prayer flags for the sun God
Viking gold
Comes on Sliepners stride
My fjordhest of golden bronze
has the strength of six horses
Over the tops of ponderosas we will fly
across the Minam river we will swim
over the Eagle Cap Mountains we will roam
my horse of ruddy amber
My dun horse drum ka dun ka dun
bridle bells dzang dzang
ribboned tail chymyr chymyr
my mirror of yellow copper
My sunset colored stallion shaman
kicks backward towards the fire
tossing evil spirits away from hearth and home
His striped legs dance our berserker song
My golden trotter
For the woman who rides the dun drum --one rhythm
For the horse who rattles in his nose-- one road

snow ponies

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