The Music of Michael Chocholak
From acoustic blues to abstract electronics, skin drum to pc.

50's western scifi remix

"You don't need a mouth to communicate, you don't need rules to create.
Anything is a potential instrument. Play it."

“A Salvador Dali of music.” - Gypsy

“It conjures up visions.” - Brian Aldiss

"I always put you in with Varese and crazy bastards like Bartok... John Cage and friends would be proud. It's sort of classic in a way. The Zen of tones and sonic space. " - John Shirley

“Heaven sent.” - Glenn Branca

“Crazy” - Thurston Moore

“It casts a long shadow over my inner ear.” - Rik Rue

“Audio-cinematic cortical opera.” - Richard Truhlar

"Beautiful and disturbing." - Don Webb

"Sounds like some cybernetic insect laying her eggs in a slab of silicon... sounds like the strange rituals performed by those wooden robots late at night." - Richard Kadrey

"I was oddly moved by these idiosyncratic compositions... strange but fascinating music." - Michael Bishop

"Really evocative and sensitively done. Beautiful." - David Lee Myers

“Pure heat, atavistic futurity.” - Ferret

“Takes the cutting edge of electronic music and slices through your cornea.” - Joey Zone

“When the last song was finished, all the birds fell dead from the sky.” - Richard Schindler

"It conjures visions of superstrings twined around a quantum fork in ten-dimensional space-time." - Keyboard Magazine

"Dark, cold, eerie, and beautiful" - EAR

"Some of the most evocative soundscapes you could imagine" - Eurock

"Dark and moody music that wraps you in tightly like a wet sheet" - Factsheet Five

"This evocative mix conjures up pictures that range from somber beauty to sobering brutality. Here is ambient music of an involving, organic nature, thick with activity... a wholly human approach" - Sound Choice Magazine

"Positively stunning" - Option Magazine

sacrifice: ORYX movement I
autumn kioti moonface

Autumn Kioti Moonface's
sacrifice: ORYX movement I (watch vid clip here),
a site specific kinetic art installation
performed to Jaguar Moon by Misha and myself.

                                                                                                                                     print vol 3

PRINT! vol3
  by The Operating System. includes 4 versions of the edition. my contribution is a series of DAW graphics tracing the evolution of my piece Bathed in Aether. also includes a piece by Zoltán Komor (in Hungarian but there will be links to the english translation on line)

bathed in aether qr       Bathed in Aether

Behind Doors of Water
"Behind Doors of Water" IRR 703. 200 copies, 7" vinyl. three collaborative tracks by Ole Christensen, Steve Cerio, Terje Dragseth and myself, mixed by Jan-Morten Iversen, mastered by Jos Smolders. Order direct from or.... visit Apollon or Playcom in Bergen

“Here is one star team of people from Bergen collective Big Robot and other famous personalities from the Norwegian ambient / noise / experimentel scene. Here they are with a 7 "vinyl single in familiar style. Ambient noise in a lighter experimental soundscapes. Big Robot in 2009 released three albums in which they had collaborated with the late Conrad Schnitzler. Michael Chocholak collaborated with Schnitzler in 1988 so here is more than a link to the Con. Those familiar with his work in his most ambient kraut period will probably nod familiar to this single. This is the sound of sound as templates between the ears. Chuckling away as if this was a audio elv in a landscape made for headphones and dream sequences behind closed eyes. So beautiful and touching. Soundtrack for film entries from not too deep. The sound is crystal clear and it is incredibly important on such releases. This music can be heard over and over again and discover new nuances every time. There are a lot of sound but also you get almost a minimalist sense of it all. This vinyl deserves to be in your record collection.” - Music from Norway.

Behind Doors of Water

Segments in collaboration with Ooy

Segments is the second collaboration between myself and Ooy, electronic composer from Tokyo. We both contributed a number of short raw tracks to an audio 'tool box' which we then drew from and individually processed and mixed, each of us coming up with 30 minutes worth of tracks. The music of Segments is dedicated to our mutual friend and collaborator, Conrad Schnitzler (1937 - 2011)

Available from GinJoha

The Taste of Metal and The Air and the Surface of Water at


The Hadron Suite
The Hadron Suite

Together with Ooy, electronic composer from Tokyo and member of Conrad Schnitzler's reformed Kluster, we exchanged, processed and arranged each other's raw material (samples and field recordings) into a series of compositions that grew and coalesced into "The Hadron Suite". The music, spanning 68 minutes, is varying between electroacoustic sci-fi drone and granular noise.

The drive to know and understand the cosmos shines like a beacon as if from Plato's fifty six circulating crystal orbs down through the ages to be focused now by one huge spherical lens, a vacuum more perfect than outer space where fifty ton magnets cooled by liquid helium spin opposing orbits of Pandora's threads, revealing the birth of our universe and opening doors to other dimensions; the Large Hadron Collider.
Available with previews from Triple Bath .

The Hadron Suite - A captivating, unromantic depiction of vast space and the mercurial nature of its material, including the vibrating bustle of our own planet.     Michael Chocholak and Masato Ooyama, whose common musical denominator is electronics pioneer Conrad Schnitzler (the former has collaborated with him, the latter has been a member of the reformed Kluster since 2007), each presented sound archives to the other, out of which twelve tracks were crafted. While the Large Hadron Collider after which it is named promises to unlock fundamental laws about the nature of the physical universe, the album provides it with a soundtrack. It sounds like science, not science fiction. This is space music without the sentimentality or sensationalism of sputnik beeps or sucking, black-hole whooshes, but cosmic nonetheless. It is alluringly forbidding, but in an indifferent way, just like the real thing. There is beauty in it, but also risk. "Circle of Lethe" revolves gracefully, bathed in zero gravity starlight, while the pulsating, erosive rays of "Prometheus and Pandora" feel unhealthy, even to listen to. Stephen Fruitman | Sonomu | May 2011

Thoughts of Water Bodies of Sand, Liquid Atmospheres and Circle of Lethe at


From The Hadron Suite;

Lucid Dreaming
Scarcity of Moments

A collaborative project by Johann Meier and myself. Nearly an hour of guitar and bass ambience realizing a sonic version of the multiple view points, fractured geometry, and repetition found in the literary works of Alain Robbe-Grillet and Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Edition of 72 copies packaged in three variations of manipulated images by Johann. Available with preview track from Small Doses .

leaning toward the liquid surface, cylindrical glass half filled with a golden liquid and shapeless darkness
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at last fm

"Memory belongs to the imagination." - Alain Robbe-Grillet

Lucid Dreaming

Alveromancy CD
Alveromancy; the act of conjuring using sound

Abstract electronics, behemoth guitar drones, sonic surrealism. 56 minutes, CDR, full color artwork print in a transparent sleeve. Available with previews from Triple Bath .

"Originally a guitarist, these days (Michael is) using anything he can lay his hands on: from the guitar to the computer, from drums to glass - all of this is used to the extent of no longer being able to recognize what it is. Creating large pieces of vast and dense clouds of sound. Music that sounds very electronic, yet very organic too. You don't recognize the initial sources - it's only because they are mentioned in the press text. Music like this would be called ambient industrial: it's too noisy to be fully ambient and relaxing, and too ambient to pass on as real noise. This is sort of ambient (industrial, drone whatever) music that I really like. Referring to modern electronics (especially Roland Kayn), heavily processed electro-acoustic music and Germany's cosmic music (especially Conrad Schnitzler), this is music that hardly sees innovation, but in the capable hands of Chocholak it's still a great miracle." Franz de Waard/Vital Weekly

The Visitation and Ariel
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"Matt Howarth's first mainstream mystery thriller novel comes as a PDF file on a CD with a 65 minute soundtrack of electronic music by Michael Chocholak. The music is highly infectious, uptempo electronics that blend agro industrial styles with dancefloor sensibilities, producing a haunting and harrowing soundtrack for the story." Available exclusively at the Bugtown Mall


Hollow Bodies

Hollow Bodies

Published by echOmusic ; a septet of abstract electronic and electroacoustic incantations (including a new track written for the release) both visceral and evocative, that resonate in time, space and the imagination. Some of my best solo abstract compositions collected from over a decade of works in the spirit of Edgard Varese's Poeme Electronique, Tamas Ungvary's L'aube des flammes, and John Chowning's Turenas.

Re-mastered by fellow electronic composer, sound engineer, and good friend Themis Pantelopoulos (aka Nokalypse) to bring out an even greater depth and brilliance. Even if you've gotten an mp3 download of these tracks, you're not hearing them as big as they truly are; music felt by your body as well as your mind.

no longer available

selections at

eleven of my best recent abstract electronic pieces to stream or download at soundcloud

---------------------------------------------------------------- -
myspace. 9 tracks, blogs, slideshow, and check out some of the great contemporary composers under 'friends'.
Hungarian site dedicated to the abstract & surreal; music, video, art, poetry & prose (although, unless you are fluent, you'll have to run the later through a translator) ---------------------------------------------------------
Various playlists of my music collected as albums at lastfm under the Peripheral Music label, plus selections from my other CDs and a variety of other playlists

Brandy of the Damned
Coaxial all guiter

Brandy of the Damned (abstract and ambient electronic music including the Blood Music soundtrack), Coaxial (a growing collection of collaborations ) and Michael Chocholak (all guitar - mostly rock & blues, some jazz, a few blister tracks and the complete YellowJacket soundtrack) plus a few playlists under my member profile.
Collaborations with Misha Nogha at Soundclick including Conrad Schnitzler, Richard Truhlar and myself, and her complete live performance text pieces done with Jonathan Golove at SUNY Buffalo New York in December, 2002.
Misha Nogha at Soundclick
yashkookmoe channel at youtube
YASHKOOKMOE Channel at YouTube - a collection of cool vids including a playlist of vids using my music

"Silo #5 is an abandoned grain storage facility in the port of Montréal... Sounds arrive inside Silo #5 by telephone or internet. They are then broadcast into the vast concrete grain storage chambers inside the Silo. This sound is captured by microphones and rebroadcast back to its sender, to other listeners and to a sound installation outside the building." (just type in my name (Michael Ch) to hear my contributions)

a varying selection of some of my older releases and compilations - some occasionally for sale.


More musics well worth your savant ear; AgentA , Briarmon Smetrach , Richard Dunlap , drt/Phenotypo , farewell23 , jopy , David Lee Myers/Pulsewidth , Neon Egypt , Nokalypse/Triple Bath , Ooy , rachMiel , Redistort , Rik Rue , Conrad Schnitzler , The Schreck Ensemble , substation 7 , Richard Truhlar


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