My name is Clement and I'm writing from Sweden , I just wanted to thank you for a outstanding description about the geodesic dome.  When I first read about it (January 2001) I decided to construct it , I must say you have done a great job .

Everything went just perfect everything from cutting the triangles to making the base ring, I was amazed about the size, it's huge. Five persons can easily stand in it at the same time.

I decided because of the rainy winters here in sweden to cover it with boat epoxy to give it maximum protection against rain and then I put on the stucco, following your description on mixing it was a piece of cake.

Because I don't have to worry about it being waterproof I put on 2 layers of silicon reinforced mortar paint and viola it's finished.  This was probably the largest project I've done and so far it's still standing , and having increased my astronomical observations 200%. ( I submit some photos of it)
So I wanted to thank you again for your help .
Best regards
Clement Svensson

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